Stray Current Testing

Suburban or city dwellers live and work around any number of electrical networks. These networks can be low or high voltage; and all have their own safety standards to ensure we don’t come in to physical contact with them. However, there are always incidences where these systems break down, resulting in what’s known as “stray voltage” or “stray current”.

Most of the high voltage networks have their own compliance systems and personnel, however there are exceptions.

Local councils will more than likely request anyone building or renovating on land adjacent to an electric rail corridor to assess the presence and/or risk of stray current.

Stray current leakage from electrified railways poses an obvious risk for people; as well as electrical infrastructure; and even building integrity in the form of corrosion of reinforcing and structural steel… aka “concrete cancer”.

Electrical Testing Company can carry out a detailed survey of DC currents from railway traction substations; and provide a test report.