Protection Relays: Setting and Testing

Electrical Testing Company has the following test equipment:

  • six phase current and voltage secondary injection;
  • single and three phase voltage secondary injection;
  • single and three phase current secondary injection;
  • single phase and three phase primary current injection;

which allows testing of virtually any protection relay:

Reference Numbers
02 Time Delay,
03 Check/Interlock Relay,
21 Distance [excludes satellite based],
25 Synchronising,
27 Under Voltage,
32 Directional Power,
37 Undercurrent/power,
46 Reverse Phase,
49 Thermal,
50 Instantaneous Over Current,
51 Over Current,
51N Earth Fault,
52 CB Fail,
52a 52b Circuit Breaker Status,
55 Power Factor,
59 Over Voltage,
60 Voltage or Current Balance,
64 Earth Fault Protective,
67 Directional Over Current,
78 Phase Angle,
81 Frequency Over/Under,
85 Pilotwire,
87 Differential Protection,
Rate of Change of Frequency [ROCOF],
Vector Shift,
Translay HO2 and HO4.

and, Current Transformers [CTs] tests, including:

  • magnetisation curves
  • polarity tests
  • turns ratio.