Lightning Protection Testing

Lightning Protection systems prevent damage to buildings and structures by safely diverting extremely high voltage lightning strikes to ground. These systems both reduce the risk of structural fires and protect valuable electrical equipment within a building.

Inspection, testing and maintenance of lighting protection systems is essential.

Using our specialised high voltage testing systems, Electrical Testing Company can test your lightning protection system for:

  • resistance to earth
  • down conductor continuity
  • continuity and extent/adequacy of the air termination network

We check for loose connections; corrosion & integrity of grounding electrodes; damage to surge protection devices;
provide recommendations; and issue a certificate of compliance upon conclusion.

Building owners and/or their elected building managers are responsible for the maintenance of lightning protection systems.
These include Franklin lightning rod systems or Faraday Cage systems; with any combination of strike termination devices, cable conductors, grounding electrode systems and surge protection devices.

AS1768 [AS/NZS1768:2021] requires a minimum level of protection for peoples and property.
Annual testing of lightning protection systems ensures ongoing compliance.

Most commercial insurance policies specify compliance to this standard, so don’t wait for your insurance company to tell you are not covered. If you own or manage a building that has a roof, you should include lightning protection testing into your yearly maintenance schedule.