Cable Fault Location

Whether your cables are underground, buried, concealed on cable trays and ladders… if there’s any kind of fault or discontinuity, our specialised equipment can find it.

An unexpected blackout due to a cable failure and the associated downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars per hour. Take the guesswork out of it and call Electrical Testing Company to locate that mysterious cable fault.

Using modified “Murray Loop”, Time Domain Reflectometer [TDR], “Popeye” & “Thumper” and the benefit of fifty years experience, Electrical Testing Company can, in most cases, pinpoint the trouble spot within millimetres.

Cable Fault Location for 240 volt mains

Electrical Testing Company can also help residential customers quickly, accurately and affordably locate underground or concealed cable faults on their property.

When your local council or electricity supplier walks away, don’t dig up the whole yard or knock down the whole wall, call us and we’ll show you exactly where to drill or dig.