Line Disturbance Analysis

Fluctuations in voltage can cause problems in the following kinds of areas:

  • failure of power supplies in electronic equipment, especially computers;
  • failure of motorised equipment such as chillers, water pumps etc;
  • shorter than expected lamp and/or ballast life in fluorescent tubes and discharge lighting.

The first step in finding the cause of these problems is a detailed power quality analysis over the course of a week or more.

Electrical Testing Company uses Dranetz 606/3 & 626G; Hioki 3196; and Fluke power quality analysers to record any kind of time-of-day voltage disturbances such as sags, surges, spikes, impulses, dips and swells.

Our analysers can be implemented in both low voltage and high voltage applications.

From the data, we can typically suggest probable causes and remedies.
In some cases, further harmonics testing may be required.